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Welcome to Phillips Carpenters and Cleaning Services Inc

Company Overview

Phillip’s Carpenters and Cleaning Services is a licensed Contractor/Funded-A Home Improvement Firm in the State of New York. Our firm, which was originally a commercial cleaning Company has been in operation for over thirty years started by Mr. Frank Phillip as a Proprietorship since 1987. Operations later expanded into construction and home improvement as registered contractors with Mr. Desmond Phillip owner and general manager.

The firm’s basic services include small and medium building construction, carpentry, Installation, building renovation, home improvement and all aspect of private, commercial and industrial cleaning services. Additionally, the company has the necessary infrastructure and capacity to assist in the preparation of building estimates and financial services proposal for building construction and renovation financing.



Phillips Carpenters and Cleaning Services Inc
218 Schenectady Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, 11213







  • Commercial building cleaning,  
  • Building management, Property maintenance, Home Renovation,
  • Floor Installation & Refinishing,
  • Doors and molding installation,
  • Electrical and plumbing installation.


  • Apartment buildings, Private Homes
  • Department and Hardware Stores
  • Restaurants, Nightclubs
  • Basements,  Schools
  • Churches, Synagogue,
  • more...


Excellent services with lightening fast turn around times. Our sub structure consist of trained and licensed subcontractors with different specialties. Together on our staff consist of a range of professionally trained and state licensed persons qualified in:


Heating & boiling, renewal and installations, new water lines, hot water tanks and more...

Electrical installation and repairs

New wiring, Repairing, light fixtures, filing and more....

Drywall installation, framing, plastering and Painting

Renovations, home improvement, more...

Basic carpentry including doors, molding cupboards, closets and any form of interior fixtures and fitting installations
Kitchen, bathroom, toilet installation and building expansion
Wooden floor installation repair and refinishing
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The company has a number of longstanding customers that Include:

  • James Fredericks of Brooklyn New York. A customer for the last seven (7)years.
  • Julie Clark of Brooklyn New York, customer for the last two years.

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Our handy work.

Our Work

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Listed prices are estimates of our various services,
please use contact form to request a quote from us.
We do violation removal and new permit applications.

  • Plumbing
  • Request Estimate

  • Heating & Boiling
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • Renewal & Installations
  • New Water Lines
  • Kitchen & Bath

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218 Schenectady Avenue,
New York 11213

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The company has an excellent record of efficiency reliability and discipline
in compliance of its core values and guiding principle.

Manager: Desmond Phillp